Productivity Melts My Brain

25 Apr

Not that I was terribly productive, by most people’s standards, today, but I was quite productive by my standards. I had an appointment with my shrink, and went to the library, and washed my hair, and beat the computer game I’ve been using to waste time, and caught up on Game of Thrones, and took pictures of various crafty things for Rav/Nerdwars, and started work on the Socks of Infinite Frustration again.

Oh, and applied for two jobs, was referred for a third, and got updates from two others.

So, oh readers (Hi FBI!), the official score for today, job-wise:

25 April
3 schools: K (totally misspelled the school’s name in the cover letter and didn’t notice until after I sent it…), H-W, and R (I’m counting this one even though I haven’t sent them my letter yet; the referral counts, right? My brain hurts too much to deal with this right now.)

There are of course five million and two things I was supposed to do today, but didn’t, but we’re going to ignore them in favor of ice cream and TV. I have to work with teenagers in the morning, after all.

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