30 Apr

Totally published this last night, but apparently WordPress doesn’t believe that. Let’s try this again…

…or, a not-Random Act of Kindness. I couldn’t think of a good antonym for random so I went with comp-sci geekery.

Someone contacted me on Ravelry asking for five yards of black KP worsted to finish a project. I was more than happy to acquiesce, but just mailing five yards of yarn is awfully boring. So naturally I had to jazz it up a little 😀

Of course I should have sent this out days ago, but I’ve been laid low by yet another illness. When you work in public schools and have an underachieving immune system, these things happen.

…so of course that also got in the way of my grand plans for job hunting, but I’ve revived enough today to send in three more applications. I’m thinking 9 applications in 6 days still puts me on track to buy new yarn on Tuesday. Right? Of course it does. All’s fair in love, war, and yarn acquisition.

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