One Year…

01 May

Blessed Beltane all, and let us celebrate the one year anniversary of Star Ten Thousand!

one solitary, half-hearted noisemaker sounds

I was trying to think of what to do for this post without having things come out too depressing; when I look at where I am now compared to where I was a year ago, I’ve not made nearly as much progress in my life as I would have liked. But then I remembered that STK is about providing an outlet for my overabundance of creativity, and if there is one thing I have done this past year, it’s been creative.

I’ve put together no fewer than four new costumes for various Ren Faire/Steampunk events. I’ve engaged in multiple expeditions of insanity with Mitu. I’ve written a song to list the constellations. I’ve learned to crochet, made two amigurumi, a uterus, a necklace, a blanket, and a crap-ton of squares. I’ve expanded my knitting skills considerably, and produced ten pairs of socks (plus three partial pairs), five hats, three pairs of mittens (plus two lone mittens), and three scarves. Also a pair of teeny-tiny socks. I’ve dabbled in magnetohydrodynamics for dummies. I wrote more than fifty thousand words of a novel, which still needs to be finished, but provided much amusement along the way. I participated in my second Dickensian Marathon of Insanity.

I also graduated from college and found a part-time job working with kids whom I love and frequently wish to murder. If you work in a high school, you know what I mean.

And I posted no fewer than 160 posts for STK! Which works out to about three posts a week, which is frankly astonishing.


And please, gods, let me have a full time job by the time 5/1/13 rolls around…

Due to technical difficulties and general exhaustion, you get last year’s Blessed Bee image again. In my defense, he’s a very cute little bee.

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