FO: Jirafa!

21 May

I was at a loss for what to do for Mother’s Day this year…until I remembered I had this pattern saved in my favorites on Ravelry. See, there’s sort of a joke in my family that my mom is a giraffe. (Considering that I’m a pikachu and my brother’s a panda, we’ve got quite the little menagerie going on, and that’s not even counting the Feline Overlords.)

Luckily I had a good stock of yellow and brown acrylic, as well as plenty of polyfill, so I dug out my trusty E hook and set to it. Of course I waited to do this until the Saturday before Mother’s Day, with the expected result that the poor little giraffe didn’t get done until yesterday (a week later). Oops.

Anyway, here she is in all her glory. Mom loves her so I think it’s still a win 🙂 I forgot to add craft eyes before I closed the head so she’s got (very unevenly) embroidered eyes. It’s a totally adorable pattern – I think the horns and ears are the best part because SO MUCH CUTE. Even my mother, who is not a squee-er, was squeeing over the little horns.

The only complaint I have about the pattern is the neck; it’s really too thick at the top, so when you sew on the head it looks like the giraffe has sprouted ginormous tumors under its jaws. (Let us take a moment to enjoy the fact that my spell checker accepts ‘ginormous’ as a word.) There’s also the slight issue that the neck/body, by itself, looks far too much like a set of gigantic yellow male genitals, which is just beyond awkward. I would advise maybe not working on that bit in public unless you want some really interesting stares.

This is also by far the most complicated ami I’ve made to date, so I’m seriously proud of this little girl. Here she is supervising Will’s naptime:

Not even the sudden appearance of a miniature giraffe will keep this cat from his ZZZZZs.


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2 responses to “FO: Jirafa!

  1. crayonsandmilk

    21.5.2012 at 10:17 pm

    Soooooooo cute! I love giraffes! Great job!!!


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