Smiles for Litha

21 Jun

Well, dear readers (hi FBI!), you came through for me so well this week, I thought I would share a few things that make me smile. Here are five, in no particular order:

Chalk Art

This particular art lasted about six hours before a thunderstorm washed it away, but I kind of like the fleetingness of chalk art. Crazy Litha solar doodles are sort of a tradition for me. Extra geek points (like I needed them): I used two rocks and a string to trace out an ellipse for the edge of the Sun’s rays, and then a smaller circle centered at one of the foci for the main body of the sun. Because that’s just how I roll.

Carrot Cake

Every year for my birthday, Mom makes chicken tetrazzini and carrot cake. It is the best meal I eat all year.


Okay, so I didn’t get to spend the week at Gemini North (pictured). But I got to wrangle thirty-odd middle schoolers in Washburn, and we saw Saturn through the telescope and I could see the shadow of the rings on the planet and the shadow of the planet on the rings and the Cassini Division and three moon which J. looked up on his phone except I can’t remember which they were but I think they might have been Titan, Enceladus, and Tethys and IT WAS AWESOME. Seriously, telescopes make me feel so good I will never, ever need recreational drugs.

Pretty yarn in pretty projects

I’m embarking on an insane project to knit a Stargate afghan, better know as the Starghan. Yes, I realize I’ve completely lost my mind. BUT this yarn is knitting up beautifully for the event horizon, which is the easy bit (knit in a circle, adding 10 st every other round, ad nauseum). Eventually I have to get around to designing the Gate itself, but for now I’ll just watch my pretty blue circle grow.

My kitty

ROSIE WHERE ARE YOU I WANT SNUGGLES. Not that I wasn’t just getting snuggles ten minutes ago; I just want more. [edit: she reappeared five minutes after I posted. Yay snuggles!]

Both my Litha and my birthday were full of smiles, thanks in large part to the affectionate notes from all of you. Thank you, thank you, once again, and may you continue to find reasons to smile!

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