Guest Post: Written by my Cat

27 Jun

Mitu’s cat weighs in with her opinions on our upcoming roadtrip adventure.

Latin Killed the Romans

Life was good. My servant has been properly attentive. She pets me all the time, and even plays with that ridiculous feathered stick. Today, I was feeling a little peckish, so I went over to my dining area. The stupid human fed me, even though it was at least an hour earlier than I normally eat. I guess the concept of time is too complex for her simple brain.

I was sitting on my bed, the one I share with my human at night. She was cleaning my room, a task that was much overdue. She folded the pile of clothing, and opened the door to the room with all the shoes. (I still have not figured out why her shoes should get their own room, when she insists on sharing mine.) And then it happened.

She pulled out … the suitcase.

I inched closer to the edge of…

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