Reblog: EnterTRAINment Junction

14 Jul

I’m really failing at the blogging thing of late, but in the interest of continuing my efforts to chronicle places of AWESOME just chilling by the side of the road, I’ll direct you to Mitu’s post about EnterTRAINment Junction.

She seriously would NOT SHUT UP about the place during the entire two weeks leading up to our visit…but it turned out it really was just that awesome. And there were scavenger hunts, and cookies, and a funhouse black hole, and….AWESOME. Lots and lots and lots of AWESOME.

In other news, I’m working on some exciting knitting and some feminist rambles AND some sci-fi book reviews. So maybe I’ll stop failing at this blogging thing sometime soon.

Latin Killed the Romans

Ah, isn’t the city beautiful at night? The buildings all lit up, silhouetted against a dark ceiling, and … wait a minute. Ceiling?

Yes. Ceiling. Because unlike Columbus, OH which just looks like legos but really is a real city, this is just a model. And where might you find such an astounding piece of work?

Why, EnterTRAINment Junction, of course!

Now, those of you who haven’t spoken to me in like a month probably have no idea what the heck EnterTRAINment Junction is. Those of you who have spoken to me probably know too much. But let me explain. No, it’s too much. Let me sum up. (EDIT: this is not a summary, let’s be honest. This is an explanation)

EnterTRAINment Junction is the world’s largest indoor train display (according to the pamphlet hanging on my wall right now). “Over 25,000 square feet [of model train tracks] – almost half…

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