FO: Neroon’s Yoga Socks

31 Jul

Shazam! Faster than a speeding wallaby, Myriad knits a pair of socks in just two days!

Okay, yes, they’re yoga socks, and yes, they’re knit it sport-weight yarn rather than fingering. Still. Lovely to knit and quite fast (not to mention they only took 40g of yarn!). They’re the example project for the R3 Scientific challenge in T5 of Nerd Wars, about which I shall say no more since there’s still 5.5 hours until the challenge is officially revealed šŸ™‚

I will say that the pattern is Obi by Judy Sumner, from the book Knitted Socks East and West which I got from the library but really should buy someday because I want to make at least half of the patterns in the book. Obi features a fascinating Japanese stitch which Ms. Sumner has termed the ‘Pkok’ and which I’m pretty sure I now want to work into everything I make. It’s pretty darn awesome.

The yarn is KP Simply Cotton Organic Sport in Basalt Heather. It is wonderfully soft and doesn’t have the stiffness of some other cotton yarns. It’s also highly affordable – I got some on sale and paid less than $2 for the amount I ended up using. Of course there’s still the other 1.2 skeins I have leftover, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something to do with the remaining yardage. Cotton is a good choice for exercise gear. Wait, does this mean I have to start exercising?

Of course I’m stupid so I knit these loosely on size 1s rather than tightly on size 2s as I should have, so my gauge was wonky beyond belief and they came out different sizes :/ Oh well, I still like them.

And, since this is for Nerd Wars and I am I proud Ranger, I have dedicated these lovelies to Neroon. Ostensibly the stitch pattern reminds me of Minbari head bones, but honestly I just love the idea of our favorite manly-Minbari, the-buck-stops-here, ask-me-if-I-care, I-will-beat-you-bloody antihero donning these socks and doing yoga.

For he is manly. And will f*** you up. Probably whilst maintaining perfect balance in Vrksasana.

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