03 Sep

So, tonight I decided I wanted to draw an elephant.*

I realized I really don’t know much of anything about elephant anatomy. It’s like a big upside-down squirrel…**

So I went and looked up elephant skeletons to get a feel for the proportions and how their legs worked and the like.

And then, because I read too much Escher Girls, this happened:

Yes, this was done with a mechanical pencil and magic marker. Did I mention it’s after midnight?

I tried to keep the skeletal proportions semi-accurate, but after that it was all Escher. Especially given how far the elephant ribcage extends; I think they’re even less able to do a Boobs & Butt pose than humans are. Also elephants don’t have boobs.

Couldn’t figure out how to put high heels on an elephant so I went with logic-defying cling-wrap boots and gauntlets instead. Also couldn’t figure out how to put a porno face on an elephant, but then I also didn’t want to figure out how to put a porno face on an elephant. Please note that despite this, she has all the necessary traits for TEH SEXY: Battle Thong, Anti-gravity nip-slip bra, Thighs which DO NOT TOUCH, long, flowy, impractical hair.

Also the Battle Thong sort of morphs into her tail because IT’S AFTER MIDNIGHT AND I’M DRAWING A GODSDAMNED ELEPHANT IN A BIKINI.

…I’m going to bed now…


*More in a future post

**Cheerfully stolen from the fabulous Eddie Izzard


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