Dancing from Delhi 2 Dublin

15 Sep

Delhi 2 Dublin, AKA the most awesome thing in existence, was in Madison last night. I almost missed this because I am full of fail, but luckily M. called and reminded me of the World Music Festival. It took about 60 seconds of Google-Fu for me to discover D2D was playing, and another 0.0005 seconds to inform M. that “WE ARE GOING!!!!!!!”

I’d never seen D2D live; I discovered them when they were featured on The Wigglian Way a few years ago and fell in love. Why did I fall in love? Why should you, too, fall in love with Delhi 2 Dublin? Take your pick:

  • Awesome Celtic fiddle music
  • Awesome Punjabi music
  • Awesome electronica beats
  • All of these at the same time


  • An electric sitar…played by a man in a kilt.

Yes, really.

Here, just listen to “Apples,” which I think of as the quintessential D2D song – bouncy, fun, strong Celtic and Punjabi melody lines, and the definition of danceable. Seriously, I defy you to listen to this song without bouncing in your seat. And if you want to get up and shake your booty like a wild thing, we are very pro-booty-shaking at STK. I’ll take the lead. GET YOUR TITS BOOTY ON, EVERYBODY.

Whew! That was fun. Now where was I?

Ah yes, Delhi 2 Dublin…in concert. As I said, I’d only ever heard their songs recorded. This was my first time seeing them live. My socks? KNOCKED. OFF. Like, knocked off so hard they went flying off my feet, past the band, and into Lake Mendota. I still haven’t found them (and they were hand-knit, too!)

Aside from the fact that D2D is a very attractive group (I would have any and all of their babies. Including the woman’s. I would have all five at the same time, I love them that much.)…damn, do they give a good show! All five are incredibly energetic, and they even have little bits of choreography worked into the show, ranging from simple Indian dance steps to energetic, alternating full-body head-banging. WHILE PLAYING THE FIDDLE/DHOL/SITAR.

Even better, they were fantastic at drawing energy from the audience. I love to dance, but can be shy about it in public. I was jumping and waving my arms and shaking my booty like a total loon and loving every minute of it. And Sanjay Seran, the lead singer, is like some kind of puppet master/cult leader the way he manipulates and feeds off of the audience*. Which is a fantastic trait in a performer – the ability to make the crowd part of the performance, to send them energy and to draw energy from them, to get them to play along with your gimmicks and to have those gimmicks not feel like gimmicks

That, I think, is what really set this concert apart from others. Granted, it was a small-er venue, but there were still hundreds of people there. But the band made us feel like we all belonged there, like they were just as happy to be there as we were to have them there, that we weren’t just another faceless mass. They even threw in a joke about UW-Whitewater vs. UW-Madison. And when they had us all crouch down (“Even if you’re wearing a short skirt, it doesn’t matter!”) and put our arms around the people next to us (“We’re all brothers and sisters here”) and then leap up into the air en masse, while it felt ridiculous, it also felt genuine. It was silly, but it was a shared silliness, and we rocked all the harder for it during the next song.

In summary: Delhi 2 Dublin = amazing. Delhi 2 Dublin in concert = amazing squared. Thank you to a truly fantastic band for a truly fantastic evening!

And to you, dear readers (Hi, FBI!), one more song before you rush off to iTunes to download all of their albums. I defy you not to sing along.

*All in a very warm, friendly, happy, not-creepy-cult-ish way.

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