Madison Knitters’ Guild

08 Oct

So, I’m sort of failing at the blogging thing. Oops. Some of that is due to actually having a life again, and some of that is…ennui? I don’t know. I do like saying the word ennui, though. Ennuiennuiennuiennui…

Ahem. So part of this “Myriad actually has a life” nonsense is going back to work, and part of it is volunteering/maybe-they’ll-be-able-to-pay-me-a-little-I-hope, and part of it is going out and joining groups based on my interests. All of which is awesome…so long as I’m not actually looking to hang out with anyone may own age. My coworkers are all mostly 20-somethings, true, but beyond that…I work with highschoolers, I volunteer with kids age 7 to 18 or thereabouts, and apparently I only find things fun if they’re mostly done by white women in the later part of their life.

Which is fine, really, because they’re all wonderful people, but it makes me feel very old and/or very young. Sometimes at the same time, just to be confusing. Where oh where are the 20-somethings who like Dickens and knit a lot? It can’t just be me!

Le sigh. Anyway, I have joined the Madison Knitters Guild. I didn’t get to meet many people at the meeting tonight, but I’m hoping to go to as many of their events as I can and further this whole “having a life” plot. I certainly enjoyed the meeting. The highlight of which, for me at least, was during the show-and-tell. One grey-haired woman presented her knitted Jon Snow doll with the comment, “He’s very emo.”

Yes, I found it on Ravelry. Click the image for the project page.

Emo, indeed. That concludes my coherent thoughts for the night, although I hope to have some FO posts soonish. I survived my first blocking adventure, so that’s something at least.

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