And on the 8th Day, the Gods Created Spare Bedrooms

14 Oct

…otherwise known as “Myriad’s Adventures in Blocking Lace,” but when have you ever known me to miss a chance to conflate religions and possibly blaspheme all at the same time? Exactly.

Hear ye, hear ye! Here continueth Ye Holy-Daye Craftes…of Ye Previous Year!

After the rousing success that was The Blocking of the Nuts*, I decided I could no longer indulge my fears. It really was time and past that I blocked the lace scarves I knit for my mother and grandmother for the holidays. Of, you know, last year.

…Let us take a moment to acknowledge my impressive degree of fail.

Moment done? Good. Anyway, with Mom and Dad off gadding about the great state of Pennsylvania, I was free to use the queen-sized beds to open up the lace. First I gave each scarf a good soak in tepid water…

…with proper supervision from the feline authority. For someone who dislikes water so much, Rosie is very keen to know everything that goes on in the bathtub.

After the ritual “dancing atop the towel-wrapped knitting to remove excess water”, Rosie and I took the scarves and a billion pins to the bedroom. We made quite a team: Rosie would select a pin from the pile, try to eat it, and drop it. I would then steal the pin and secure part of the scarf. By this time, Rosie would have procured another pin. The scarves were blocked in no time!

Well, okay, each took about 24 hours to fully dry, and then I had to weave in all the ends. But now I have pretty pictures of pretty scarves!

First up, True Blue Tiger, which is for Mom:

And the lovely Leda, for Grandma, which Rosie was so helpful in completing:

More pictures of each are on the project pages. Both of these yarns are hell and a half to photograph; I don’t think I really got the colors right, even after some tinkering. Of course rainy days aren’t great for photography, but it’s been at least 72 hours since we saw the sun here, so I went ahead and did the photoshoot anyway.

What pretty things have you all (Hi, FBI!)** been making? What insanity has occurred along the way? Pretty projects and puckish pets are always welcome at STK!


*Not to be confused with the Blocking of the Cock. We do try to keep things PG-13 around here.

** For those of you who missed it, C.D. has rightly inferred that my knitting posts have prompted the entire Bureau to take up stranded knitting. There might be a rise in domestic crime, but there will also be a rise in fantastic colorwork sweaters. I think it’s a fair trade.

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