The Hugo Project

12 Nov

Coming soon to a monitor near you…

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Look, I made a fancy banner and everything!

But what, I hear you ask, is the Hugo Project?

A while ago I decided I would try to read all the books that have won the Hugo Award for Best Novel. The Hugos are awarded yearly by the World Science Fiction Society, and are kind of a Big Deal as far as sci fi goes. I tend to read less-mainstream stuff (SHERI S TEPPER I LOVE YOU), so I feel a little bit like my sci-fi lit geek cred is lacking. The Hugos seemed like a good place to start, even if I do have to put up with White Men writing about White Male Manly Things for the first couple of decades. I have read a number of them in the past (okay, maybe 15%, and half of those were written by Lois McMaster Bujold,) but I will be re-reading them for the sake of this project. Maybe I’ll actually like A Canticle for Leibowitz this time around?

Anyway, we all know I like embarking upon ridiculously ambitious projects. I also like sharing them with you all (Hi, FBI!), so from henceforth, every other Monday shall be Hugo Day at STK! Hopefully on the other Mondays I’ll have some supplementary stuff; a number of the books have been made into movies, for example, and I’m sure I can find plenty of excuses to yell at white male authors from the mid-20th century. I mean, four of these books were written by Heinlein. The man can be a feminist and a misogynist in the same frakking sentence.

So, that’s the plan. I have a bit of a backlog saved up, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep to my biweekly schedule. I’ve only been averaging one Hugo book a month, but I’m also making an effort to read more, so I think one book every other week is doable. I’ll give some thoughts on the novel (basically, I’ll ramble for a few hundred words while trying to avoid major spoilers) and what I noticed about its adherence to the kyriarchy. And assign it an arbitrary rating that will hopefully be less arbitrary as I read more books and have a larger sample size.

Who knows, maybe when I’m done with this (in three years or so…), I’ll move on to the Nebulas! Although, frankly, the Tiptrees come first. Why? Because science fiction and gender exploration, that’s why.

Anywho, I’ve even made a shiny new page for the site to keep track of it all! So if you’re at all interested in a) books, b) science fiction, or c) ridiculously ambitious projects, come watch me swimming the seas of classic science fiction!

Stop by next Monday for my take on The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester!

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