Out of Steam

02 Dec

You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here. That’s because I’ve been running around like a crazy person running extra rehearsals for an upcoming theater production, working on my holiday projects, and…oh yeah…TESLACON.

All of this has left me entirely exhausted. Lack of sleep and poor nutrition (Teslacon’s excellent care of their volunteers notwithstanding) are probably playing a part. Also post-con deflation and the cold I’ve picked up from the GHMC. Because he comes home when he’s sick so that I can get his germs too! Hooray!

Anywho. Coherent thought is at a minimum, at present. And Mitu has most of our photos from the con. I’ll try to share some of the highlights (OMG BRUCE BOXLEITNER) eventually, but for now, have a picture of Mitu with a mustachioed Dalek:


And a picture of me in my lady-pilot garb, confirming once and for all my theory that I am a twenty-mumble-year-old woman trapped in the body of a twelve-year-old boy:

It's like someone stuck the head of a Grecian statue on the body of a preteen boy.

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