Welcome to Crazyville – Population: Me

19 Jan

So I had my first day of graduate school classes at E. today. Which was fine. Education classes are, as always, 50% useful and 50% nonsense, but my classmates are nice and it’s a comfortable, safe learning environment. And I love the program’s emphasis on multicultural pedagogy.


Four days ago, I learned that the other school I applied to, V., the one that’s much better-known and cost three times as much, accepted me into their masters/teaching certificate program. And I would kind of love to move to a new city and not live with my parents and try something fun and different. Plus, you know, the school’s great reputation.


V.’s curriculum does not appear to include anything on multiculturalism, which is kind of a Big Deal for me after working with the AVID program the past year and a half. Plus E. is in my home state, which has more difficult qualifications for teacher certification than most, so a certification from E. is probably better in the long run than a certification from V. – even if a Master’s degree from V. is more impressive than a Master’s from E. (I’m doing both. Shut up, we already know I’m crazy).


Going to V. would be New! And! Exciting! and apparently it’s in a town that’s fantastic (well, according to my completely biased former professor who got his PhD at V.) especially for young people. Like, you know, me. Not to mention the students at V. would probably be a little more intellectually stimulating than the students at E. And I would be closer to Mitu!


I love my home state, and would love to be certified to teach here, and I have friends who would be doing the program at E. with me.


I’m torn. Some days I really want to go to E.; some days I really want to go to V. Which is normal for big decisions, and my usual strategy is to back-burner the problem for a while until I stop see-sawing and settle on what I really want.


I need to make this decision within the next week so that I a) don’t end up paying for courses at E. if I decide to go to V. and b) get my practicum set up if I do decide to stay at E.


I’m directing two productions (whose rehearsals overlap, AND conflict with class at E.) with the youth theater group that owns my soul.


I’m the only office staff we have at the moment. So while, officially, my job is to process registrations, I also have to do things like organize the disaster that is the office, and the mess that is our database and contact list, and provide post-its, and organize the mail (BECAUSE NO ONE PICKS UP THEIR MAIL IF I DON’T EXPLICITLY LABEL IT FOR THEM), and deal with confused/panicked/distracted/annoyed/annoying/distraught parents.


Learn how CreateSpace works so that we can get the director’s books up for sale as print-on-demand.


They don’t pay me anything for this. I mean, I kind of love it, so it’s fine, but sometimes it’s a bit much all at once.


The office has no heat. At all. There is a space heater of questionable flammability and minimal heat output, but basically I spend hours at a time shivering in my parka and hobo gloves (which, to be fair, have adorable mice on them).


The director got an ulcer and had to be in the hospital for a blood transfusion…leaving even more for me to do. (He’s out of the hospital and recovering well, but it’s a slow process.)


I’m back at work for AVID, since winter break is over.


I’ve started private tutoring again (cue the emotional angst; but hey, money.)


Dad and I replaced the fan in my computer, which is much quieter now. Except that we managed to disable the wireless receiver in so doing, so we had to take it apart again to fix that. So I now have internet again, but my computer is now incredibly, painfully slow. So we need to take it apart again.


I got sick. Still haven’t figured out if this was stress-related or too-many-jobs-working-with-children-related (probably both), but it knocked me out for a couple of days there.


WordPress hid my last post, which is terribly sad because I think it’s one of my better ones. I managed to un-hide it though, finally, and you should really go read it now to make me feel better for all the other crap that’s going on. Plus it’s full of me making fun of the Catholic church – what’s not to love?

Okay, back to work (well, therapy knitting…) for this little ‘chu. I CAN DO THIS.


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2 responses to “Welcome to Crazyville – Population: Me

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    20.1.2013 at 10:50 pm

    Holy wow. I am in the middle of a stressful stretch, but it doesn’t touch where you’re at! Good luck with your V v. E decision.


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