12 Feb

Since life is sometimes Not Really Very Awesome At All, the Rangers (my Nerd Wars team) decided to do a pick-me-up swap in January. I have yet to mail my swapee’s package (I’m sorry; I’m getting there, I swear! But there is pretty knitting and pretty yarn and there will be other pretty things too!)…but I received mine in the mail today, sent by the lovely ciellel all the way from Alaska!

Swap 01

I feel so spoiled! She crocheted an absolutely beautiful shawl/shawlette/wrap/scarf – oh, hell, it’s gorgeous and I will wear it all the time; who cares what it’s called? AND she needle-felted a little musk ox, AND she knit a hedgehog finger puppet because she knows I love hedgehogs. Oh, and then there was chocolate. I am just overwhelmed at the amount of wonderfulness! Thank you so, so, so much!

Swap 02

Taking pictures of yourself wearing things is hard. Please accept also this photo of the shawl being modeled by a sheep on a stool.

Swap 03


Swap 04

I got the package during a brief ‘layover’ between work and class…and yes, the hedgie came to class with me, and subsequently to the theater for rehearsal. He was a big hit with the kids. More importantly, he is adorable and I never want to take him off my finger. Even if he tries to eat my chocolate.

Swap 05

I was having a really crappy day up until I came home and found this waiting for me. The rest of the day went so much better, no doubt because of the awesome loving energy from ciellel. Thank you again!

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