FO: Sevens

15 Feb

Project Page: Sevens
Pattern: My design
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in Forest Heather, Agate Heather, Eggplant,
Sprinkle Heather, and Midnight Heather (yes, I was using up scraps)
Made for: Hibbsy for our Ranger Pick-Me-Up swap (I also sent her some gorgeous yarn from Three Irish Girls!)

These were an obscene amount of fun, in addition to being (in my not-so-humble-opinion) super pretty AND an excellent way to use up scraps. I made them in green and purple for an extra B5-feel.

Eventually I’ll write up the ‘recipe’ for these, since I do think they are a very attractive way to use up scraps; sometimes stashbusting socks end up looking like the yarn monster threw up on your feet. And yes, I realize that there are not actually seven colors in the socks which I have named “Sevens.” It’s actually short for “Super Scrappy Stripey Strata Stashbuster Swap Socks!” which, if you’ll notice, has seven words, all beginning with the letter ‘S’. Shazam!

How do you like to use up scraps? Are you as picky as me, or do you enjoy the craziness of random colors thrown together?

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