Month in Review: February 2013

02 Mar

FEBRUARY IS OVER. And there was much rejoicing.

For such a short month, Feb. sure does know how to pile on the busy. I’m going to start out with the busy-making/stressful/crummy stuff and move on to the good stuff 😀

  • Two weekends of performance for the play I was directing, followed by an intense authoritarian takeover of the communal office. THERE WILL BE ORDER BECAUSE I DEMAND IT. Even if all the re-arranging threw out my back for a good week.
  • Then there was that other week I spent in bed with a fever. Good times.
  • Classes continue, now with weekly papers and midterms approaching.
  • Practicum also continues; I take over class from the substitute, with mixed results.
  • Work also continues, with tensions rising as we get closer and closer to achieving demonstration status. Oh, and one of my supervisors just left…
  • On the bright side, I’ve been hired as an LTE to take on part of her workload while they search for a replacement. Which means I work more hours, get paid more per hour, get a good resume item, and get to see another side of the AVID program. Plus I get to go on field trips! A much better way to spend Fridays than my current duties: grading.
  • Somehow in the midst of this I managed to join Tumblr! It’s mostly knitting, hedgehogs, and Pikachu, with random fandom and social justice posts sprinkled throughout…

The upshot of all of this is: I’m incredibly busy, mostly in a good way. Huzzah! Except that I’m tired all the time, so I have a tendency to fall asleep as soon as I get home from work/practicum/class, which sort of gets in the way of schoolwork/lesson planning/paperwork/basic self-care. Because when I’m busy, I forget to eat, and then I lose weight. Le sigh. I’ve actually managed to maintain a healthy weight for the past six months! Yes, I realize it’s sad that I consider that an accomplishment! So the goal for March is to eat lots and get healthy again, because everything hurts when you don’t have enough padding on your bones.


Didn’t get to read quite as much as I would have liked, although I did manage to finish 8 books (plus many, many, many chapters of various books for classes). So I’m now three books behind where I want to be for the year…sigh. Given how crazy Feb. has been, it’s a miracle I’m not more behind.

The Monster’s Daughter by Deborah Bryan.
The Scottish Movie by Paul Collis (giveaway).
The Seer and the Sword by Victoria Hanley (reread).

The Fires of New Sun by Michael Kinch.
The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick.
The Scoundrel Takes a Bride by Stefanie Sloane (giveaway).
The Silver Lion by Lynn Kerstan (reread).
Tangled Web by Crista McHugh (giveaway).

Decent selection this month, and no real stinkers. I’m hoping to get to something awesome in March!


Then there was the knitting, what little of it I managed. I started a weekly knitting group with some of the girls at the theater, which helps a bit (not to mention forces me to de-stress regularly…). I did manage to knit three socks (or one and a half pairs, if you prefer) but you don’t get pictures of the completed pair because they’re for Mitu (I keep forgetting to mail them because I am a bad friend). And the sweater is starting to look like something substantial; I’m only about 10% in, which is less than I’d like, but progress is being made. Huzzah!

Oh and I bought lots and lots of yarn (oops). Three skeins of gorgeous yarn from Three Irish Girls, plus a Knit Picks order including a bunch of Palette for colorwork (tip: buy their closeout kits; you get a whole bunch of yarn for a steal – plus a pattern!), a few things for upcoming projects, and enough Wool of the Andes Tweed in Indigo to make A Sensible Shawl from Jane Austen Knits Fall 2012.

The shawl will have to wait, though. On deck for this month is the remaining sock, more sweater knitting, the amigurumi tortoise I didn’t get around to last month, and this incredibly awesome amigurumi for the theater fundraiser. If I can wrangle the time, I also have some lovely merino/cashmere to make handwarmers.


And now, I am going to spend the next five hours watching TV and thinking as little as possible. Or maybe just sleep…


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