Happy Geekster!

31 Mar

AKA Geeky Easter. Because really, with Mitu and me, could it be anything else? I mean, I’m a Pagan and she’s an Atheist…but we both loves us some crafty insanity. So we got chicken eggs and plastic eggs and dye and paint and beads, scrounged up some markers and candles and paper, put in the ’95 Pride & Prejudice and went to town.

Our real live chicken eggs are above; highlights include Pikachu, the anti-possession symbol from Supernatural, and Iron EGG and Captain AmericEGG. But I am proudest of these fine fellows:

Ladies and Gentlemen and Readers of All Genders: Londo MollarEGG and CitizEGG G’Kar!!

After that we turned our attention to the plastic eggs. Mitu found this on tumblr, and our response was natural: TO HOBBY LOBBY! Admittedly we are not as skilled as the person who made the original, but I think we did pretty well, all things considered. Paint, beads, and mini cowbells will go a long way if you’re determined enough. And so we present: The DalEGGS have the TARDEGG!!


And on that note, we wish you a very happy holy-day, holiday, and/or Sunday. Some long-haired hippie rose from the dead, you don’t have to work tomorrow, and there is plenty of geeky TV for the watching on Netflix. Whoo!

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