Double the Chaos, Double the Fun

01 May

Blessed Beltane!

It wouldn’t be an STK Beltane without him!

Exactly one year and one hundred posts since we were last at this spoke of the wheel…and STK turns two years old! And what a year it’s been. I didn’t fulfill last year’s wish of having a full-time job on this date, but I’m certainly working enough for a full-time job, and, more importantly, am back on track career-wise, so I think the spirit of the wish, if not the letter of it, has been fulfilled.

In the past year I’ve started graduate school, continued my work with AVID, picked up another part-time TOPS job, started volunteering with the Theatrical Company for Youths of Questionable Sanity, and started private tutoring.

I’ve added Texas to the list of states visited, directed two plays, and acted in one of them. I had my first drug test, my first panic attack, my first code to the copy machine.

I knit ten pairs of socks and eleven other sundry items, including my first knitted toy, shawls, shorts, and bag. I crocheted seven amigurumi and my first garment. I published my first design, and worked on prototypes of six more. I overcame my fear of blocking. I have three blankets and a sweater in progress.

I reconnected with old friends and made new ones. I went on a road trip, volunteered at Teslacon, went to WisCon. The latter caused a dramatic explosion of brain activity from which I have yet to recover – and I hope I never do. I started the Hugo Project, for which I have read 14 books and watched 3 movies thus far.

From the outside, it probably looks like I’m exactly where I was a year ago: Sitting on the bed I’ve slept in since I was six, surrounded by yarn, wearing my Beltane skirt.

On the inside, I’m alive again. I’m moving forward. I’m doing work I love, and learning every day. I’m in school as both a teacher and a student, surrounded by people passionate about education and equality and physics. I have people to knit with and people to watch geeky TV with and people to design lessons with. I get to geek out about yarn and science fiction and theater and social justice and physics and calculus and research-based instructional strategies and the thousand other things that make my brain spin into overdrive.

I’m doing too much. I’m going insane. But you know what? I’m happy.

After the past few years, it’s good to be happy.

So what do I want when Beltane rolls around in 2014? I want this. I want less chaos and stress, and hopefully a job lined up for the 2014-2015 school year, but I want this. Friends and crafty endeavors and intellectual stimulation.


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