Now Give Me My Flowers

05 May

AKA Month in Review: April 2013

As you might guess, it rained rather a lot here in April, which put a bit of a damper on things (BOOM double entendre take that Shakespeare). Still, there were many exciting doings here at STK! So we’ll start out with a fantastic announcement: WE GOT DEMO!!!

Okay, so it’s not the most exciting graphic in the world. It’s still an incredible honor, and a testament to how much hard work the kids and the staff (including yours truly) have put in to making the program successful and getting our kids prepared for college. Which is all kinds of awesome.

After the demo announcement, things settled a little bit. And by “settled,” I mean, “Myriad got sick and started directing a new play and trying to catch up on volunteer registrations and then the cat had surgery.”

Good times, good times. I’m really enjoying the play though – Saint Joan by G. B. Shaw – and fortunately I have a patient lieutenant director who lets me take charge but willingly does things like run rehearsal while I have class. We’ve got a good group of actors, too, and there’s a lot of wit and Big Ideas in Joan so rehearsals are full of interesting conversations.

Of course none of you care at all about this because you’re worried about the kitty cat who had surgery. I was worried, too. About a month ago I found a little lump on Will’s head. It was tiny – maybe 5mm at most – but definitely Not Normal for cat skin. Mom took him to the vet a few weeks later and the vet told us it was skin cancer. Scary! Fortunately we caught it early, and they’ve removed all of the cancerous tissue. Yesterday we even freed Will from his cone of shame…

…but not before I got some great photos. Click the picture above for more.

After all that excitement, you might think May will be relaxing by comparison…but as I’ve still got two weeks of full-on final paper/project/presentation insanity, that’s a rather vain hope. At least I have WisCon to look forward to at the end of it all!


Still majorly behind on my reading, but at least I managed one more book than March! Even if I one of them is a knitting pattern book. (Links are to my review, if applicable; otherwise to the Goodreads page)

Dune by Frank Herbert.

…And Call Me Conrad by Roger Zelazny.
The Light of the Oracle by Victoria Hanley.
Continuous Cables: An Exploration of Knitted Cable Knots, Rings, Swirls and Curlicues by Melissa Leapman.
December’s Thorn by Phillip DePoy (giveaway).
Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts.

Collaborative Teaching in Secondary Schools: Making the Co-Teaching Marriage Work! by Wendy Murawski (school).

A decent enough spread. Now I’m traipsing my way through the rest of the Dune books and finishing up books for school, so I should get lots of reading done in May…even if there isn’t a whole lot of variety.


On the crafting front, progress was made! I have not yet finished my sweater, but the body is knit. I just need to decide whether I want to re-knit the yoke (again) for an even better fit and then seam it. And then knit the sleeves. Look, I’ll get around to it, okay?

Other than the sweater, the month was devoted to an obscene amount of crocheting and seaming to produce these two monsters. I am absurdly pleased with them, especially Henry.

For May, I need to finish my various tortoises for the library’s summer reading program and knit Savitri’s birthday socks. Plus I have grand plans for an awesome Litha shawl…assuming I have enough time to knit around all of this school work!

What’s on tap for all of you this month?


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