Reasons My Best Friend Is Awesome

09 May

There are many. Many, many, many. But currently topping the list is the fact that despite having mocked my fiber addiction for the past two years, she bought me these pretties:

It’s undyed alpaca yarn and it is gorgeous and soft and I just want to pet it lots. I feel spoiled 😀

On a related note, recently I decided it would be fun instructional for some unknown reason to take a picture of my entire yarn stash, including WIPs.

This is that picture:




Anyway, it starts with all the acrylic on the left in the big cardboard box and plastic tub, with various blankets and amigurumis in progress below them. I may be willing to concede that I don’t need more acrylic yarn. Like, ever.

Next is a cardboard box of worsted-weight wool (it all belongs to specific projects, I swear!) with a drawer of miscellaneous worsted and sport yarns (wool, alpaca, cotton) below that, and the Starghan and my Camden at the bottom.

Then comes all of my fingering/sock-weight yarn (all wool and wool-blends), including a few WIPs. A lot of this has specific projects attached to it, too, assuming I ever get around to them. And you will never convince me I have too much sock yarn.

The upper-right corner has a skein of bulky wool and some random stuff I don’t know what to do with (basically stuff in my trade/sell tab on Ravelry) and the bottom-right corner has the laceweight yarn for my big project for the next round of Nerd Wars.

Now I need to go knit up some of these pretties so I have an excuse to buy more!

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