Sweaterday: Camden III

11 May

In which there is frustration.

It’s actually been a couple of weeks since I’ve worked on this beast; I didn’t finish it in April so the Nerd Wars motivation is no longer there, plus I’m annoyed with it.

It is at least at the point where it looks like a real sweater-thing, which is exciting! The problem is the original yoke did not fit at all – it was far too long and the ‘waist’ of the sweater ended up falling a good 2 inches lower than it should have.

To give you an idea of the degree of fail: the bottom pink tie should be above my waist…and those jeans sit below my hipbones. Also, taking pictures of your side is hard.

So I frogged the yoke and re-knit it, basically solving the problem. So why am I cranky now? Because I basically switched straight from decreasing every 3rd round to decreasing every round, so I have these weird corners poking out over each of my collarbones. I can’t decide whether I should try to block it out or re-knit the damned thing again. Re-knitting is probably the better option, but I really don’t want to frog all that work again…so it’s in time-out for the moment. Plus I have birthday socks and charity tortoises to work on.

…give me another week and maybe I’ll tackle it again. I really do want to get this finished so I can wear it and amaze people with THE SWEATER I MADE FOR MYSELF!!

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