FO: All the Royal Makings

30 May

Project Page: All the Royal Makings
Pattern: Henry VIII Pin Cushion & Anne Boleyn Scissor Cozy by Ann D’Angelo
Yarn: Various and sundry acrylics from the never-ending bin of acrylic yarn
Made for: YSP silent auction

Still catching up on the last few months of crafting as I got terribly behind during the semester. I think this is the last project in my backlog, though! Just in time for summer classes to start Saturday…sigh.

As soon as I saw this pattern, I wanted an excuse to make it. The price is a bit high – $8.00 – but well worth it for the level of detail that goes into these amazing things. And of course they were perfect for the charity auction at Ye Olde Theatrical Thingy (they sold for $43, which I’m going to call a success).

Anne did not come out as well as I would like – I think in future I will just make both of them into pincushions so that I can stuff Her Majesty to give her proper shape and stability. Both Henry and Anne were fiddly as all hell to make, but the time put into the details is so worth it in the end result. I definitely need to make more Kings/Queens/characters from Tudor history/Shakespeare plays based on these patterns.

Also, can we talk about how incredibly amazing Henry turned out?

What awesome, awesome crafting have you been up to of late?


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2 responses to “FO: All the Royal Makings

  1. dawnofthenerds

    1.6.2013 at 11:40 pm

    With my surfeit of free time and energy (yay summer! boo grad school!) I’ve made a choker, a kleenex box cover with Hogwarts house crests, a halter dress with Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl print, and I’m currently knitting (very very slowly) a scarf with cables made to look like a DNA double helix. Basically, I am reveling in nerdery and actual creative impulses, and feeling like a human being instead of a tiny little puddle of anxiety with a smile pasted on 😀 Crafting fucking rules!!

    • Myriad

      3.6.2013 at 3:54 pm

      Wow! Jealous of your free time and productivity (and geekery, of course). Crafting does indeed fucking rule, and hopefully after this week (last week of school-where-I-work, not to be confused with school-where-I-study, which is basically year round) I will be able to do more of it.


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