Month in Review: May 2013

13 Jun

Now that we’re halfway into June, I thought it might be nice to finally do May’s month-in-review post…


After all of the excitement of April, May was actually rather calm, or at least as calm as things ever are around STK. So, basically, I was still super-busy but it was mostly routine-ish stuff. Like final projects o’ doom. Anybody need a unit plan on Newton’s law of universal gravitation? Or ideas on how to adapt your lesson plans for autistic students*? Because I’m now an expert totally not an expert in such things, but at least I know slightly more than the average bear.

Oh yeah, and I got straight As this semester. BOOM. (We will not discuss grade inflation at the graduate level, kthxbai.)

Of course, the real fun was to be had on my one weekend off from classes:

I swear there is a proper WisCon post coming. Sufficeth to say it was awesome (duh), thought-provoking (duh), and exhausting (duh). I was sad not to have Suzanne/C.D./Feminist Batwoman with me this year, but happy happy happy that Savitri came along! Still did not make it to Genderfloomp (the fail, I am full of it) so that really needs to happen next year. More on what I did do later.


(Ahem. Just went to the WisCon homepage for the link a few paragraphs up and that happened. Is it next May yet???)

Anyway, June will be full of trying to get my actors ready for dress rehearsals and performances, and more school nonsense. Sigh. I want to be a TEACHER we’re not SUPPOSED to work in the summers**!

*I know there’s a lot of debate in the autistic community (and other communities) about person-first (individual with autism) vs. identity-first (autistic individual) language. Not being a member of the autistic community, I am in no way qualified to say anything on the subject (not to mention each individual has their own preference), but I have chosen to follow the preferred convention of the Autism Self-Advocacy Network. They have some good resources on the topic here for those who are interested.

**Most teachers do, in fact, work/take courses/etc. in the summers.


I read nine whole books this month! Okay, yes, most of them were for school. I’ll take what I can get. (Links are to my review, if applicable; otherwise to the Goodreads page)

How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming by Mike Brown (school).

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin: An Autobiography and Other Recollections by Katherine Haramundanis (school).
Planning Effective Instruction: Diversity Responsive Methods and Management by Kay Price and Karna Nelson (school).
The Understanding by Design Guide to Creating High-Quality Units by Grant P. Wiggins and Jay McTighe (school).

Children of Dune by Frank Herbert.
Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert.
Instructional Strategies for Middle and High School by Bruce E. Larson and Timothy A. Keiper (school).

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes (giveaway).
The Scientists: A History of Science Told Through the Lives of Its Greatest Investigators by John Gribbin (school).

So…a lot of books for school. On the bright side, most of them were pretty good. I highly recommend both How I Killed Pluto and Cecilia Payne’s autobiography; they’re engrossing, easy to read, and quite interesting! Avoid The Scientists like the plague unless you like dense writing, name dropping, too many details in the wrong places (and not enough in the right places), and a general blindness to anything that didn’t come from a White man.


May was more of a ‘just keep knitting’ month than a ‘look what I made!’ one. I did finish the various tortoises for the library’s summer reading program, but the rest of the month was devoted to making progress on Savitri’s birthday socks and my shiny, overly-ambitious shawl for Litha. I also bought yarn. Lots of yarn. I should probably stop doing that.

This month I’m trying to finish the socks and shawl, and do the finishing on a few projects that are technically done but not blocked/seamed/etc. I think new projects will need to wait for July…

What are you all working on in the lovely month of June?


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