Status Update

01 Jan

Remember me? I used to blog here. Then the semester from hell got me and I went radio-silent for three months. Good times.

I am, however, resolved to do a little better at this blogging thing this semester…when I will be student teaching full time. Ahhhhh! But at least the chaos will be contained to only a few places, as opposed to the four separate educational institutions I was running between this fall.

So, what have I been up to the past three months? Let’s think…

I went on a date (singular).

I survived the Least Useful Class in the History of Ever.

I had the Traumatic Event about which I may eventually write.

Mitu visited and I stitched the heck out of Teslacon 4 – and then I spent an evening as a fashion model. Note that I’m still crafting.


I had to quit my job.

I somehow managed to attract more than 100 followers on tumblr (WHUT?)

I got the flu.

That’s…really it? Mostly it was a lot of class and a lot of homework and a lot of teaching and a lot of lesson planning and a lot of driving between schools and a lot of sleeping whenever I could. AKA Not Much Fun At All.

But it is a NEW YEAR and hopefully it will be just a tiny bit less chaotic. A girl can dream, right?

Oh, shut up. It’s the first day of the year; I’m allowed to be optimistic. Therefore:


  • Student teach in physics and math, take that one last course, GET MY TEACHING CERTIFICATION
  • Read 30 books and get back on track with the Hugo Project
  • Re-join Team Rangers for Nerd Wars. Knit a sweater, birthday socks. X-stitch the continent of Africa.
  • Clean up this blog a little and actually post regularly
  • Actually observe all of the Sabbats
  • Start job-hunting.

…Now I’m all scared and overwhelmed. One day at a time, one day at a time…

I am serious about updating this blog more regularly, though. The Hugo Project should be back (starting this coming Monday!) updating biweekly, with the occasional supplementary edition on an off-week. Fridays I’ll post from my backlog of crafty things I’ve completed (note to self: take pictures!). And maybe there will be some other things in and around all that. Or maybe not. But I don’t want to go dark again the way I did last semester.

That’s enough of that. What do you all have planned for the next six months?

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