FO: Just a Red Herringbone

03 Jan

Project Page: Just a Red Herringbone
Pattern: Herringbone from Kiel by Stephanie van der Linden (from Around the World in Knitted Socks)
Yarn: Cascade Heritage (5623) and Cascade Heritage Paints (9926)
Made for: Savitri‘s birthday

I never get good pictures of Savitri’s gifts because I can’t model them on my own feet. So, enjoy the picture I took on top of the cueing script during an intermission of the play I was directing while I knit these (Saint Joan by G. B. Shaw, for the curious). I also may or may not have finished these six months ago. Because I’ve been awesome about the whole updating-the-blog thing. Anyway.

The pattern is nice and easy, and the two-color herringbone makes for a super-squishy sock. Of course, changing yarn every stitch or every other stitch does tend to get your yarn tangled like nobody’s business. My solution for two-color knitting thus far has been the ultra-high-tech and sexy salad spinner. I know, I’m a rock star.

Modifications: I added an extra repeat of the herringbone to make the socks bigger. I also swapped things around to knit these toe-up because of course I did.. I’m pretty happy with the combo of these two yarns; the slight variegation of the red gives the herringbone a little extra depth.

I’m beginning to love stranding/fair-isle colorwork more than I should. It’s a pain in the butt, and yet…it’s so much fun!

What do you all think? Do you like colorwork? Fair-isle vs. intarsia? 

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