FO: MegaMult

17 Jan

Project Page: MegaMult
Pattern: Multnomah by Kate Ray
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Kindling
Made for: Me

Well, this was an adventure. I made it bigger than the pattern – four times as big, basically, since I doubled the number of feather & fan blocks on each side. Of course I ran out of yarn before I got it as big as I wanted, so I had to get some from a friendly Raveller. And then I let it sit for five months before I blocked it. And another seven months before I bothered to get some decent photos, despite the fact that I’ve worn this to work and class several times.

It is a lovely easy pattern, and garter stitch is now my favorite thing ever. It’s very soothing to knit. I knit this on size 3 needles, as the pattern specifies, which gives a rather dense garter stitch and a small shawl, which was why I ended up more than doubling the yardage. Others have knit it on larger needles, but I actually really like the dense garter stitch.

I also love the shape. Most people seem to block their Multnomahs (Multnomae?) to have a straight top edge. I didn’t, partly because the slip-stitch edging I did wouldn’t let me, and partly because I liked the boomerang shape. It makes it easier to tie around my body without weird bulges of fabric, which I appreciate. I need my hands free when teaching in this thing! Teaching in shawls makes me feel safe and snuggly and warm, and makes me look older, which I need until I stop being mistaken for one of my students…

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