FO: Midsummer Madness

31 Jan

Project Page: Midsummer Madness
Pattern: Montego by Cheri McEwen
Yarn: Kangaroo Dyer BFL Fingering Hand Dyed in Lemonade
Made for: MEEEEEE

This was knit up for Litha 2013. Yes, really that long ago. BUT since it is Imbolc weekend, I figured it was a good time to post it. A bright, sunny yellow shawl might be lovely for the solstice, but it is perhaps more appreciated as we claw our way out of the dark half of the year (and the Polar Vortex).

Blocked on the floor of my brother’s room, as you do. With the autobiography of a female astronomer (the fantastic Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin) for scale, as you do.

Knitting at WisCon, as you do.

Anyway, the pattern is quite lovely and has many options. I did the 3/4-circle version, and was actually able to knit without the pattern in front of me for much of it; I have a good head for repetition and the pattern is fairly logical, so it wasn’t hard to figure out what was supposed to come next. I knit backwards instead of purling for all of the wrong-side rows – much easier on the wrist that never healed properly.

It knit up fast, too – admittedly this was all I was working on, but still, it only took a month. I didn’t do the full ruffly edging as written in the pattern; I think it looks more Sun-y stopping where I did. This was also my first pattern with beads. Placing them was a complete PITA, but so worth it. They proved difficult to photograph but make me very sparkly in person. Hooray for sun and sparkles!

This is definitely the biggest, most complicated project I have ever finished. My masterpiece – thus far, anyway. I hope I never stop challenging myself as a knitter!

What isĀ your crafty masterpiece? What challenge have you set for yourself to tackle next?


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