FO: Read out Loud

28 Mar

Project Page: Read out Loud
Pattern: Chubby Chirps by Rebecca Danger
Yarn: Jo-Ann Sensations Angel Glitz, plus scraps from the never-ending bin of acrylic yarn
Made for: Monona Library Summer Reading Program

Believe it or not, very little of that fuzz is cat hair. I think we can all agree that the yarn is hideous, even if it does make a pretty cute fluffy chick. Just promise me none of you will ever wear anything made of it. Ever.

Nice and easy pattern; I could have finished him in a night if Dad hadn’t stolen my tapestry needle. Because that’s the sort of thing that happens at my house. I went down to size 6 DPNs to make sure the fabric would be dense enough – nothing worse than white stuffing showing through black fabric! Even so, he’s about six inches tall. I hope he will make some glam-rock toddler very, very happy. Assuming there are such things as glam-rock toddlers. Er.

I’m not thrilled with how the eyes turned out. It’s probably time we all acknowledged that freehand embroidery is Not My Thing. But the library specifically asked for toys with embroidered features (rather than safety eyes) for toddlers, so that’s what they get. Just why toddlers can’t have safety eyes – safety eyes, which are basically impossible to pull out once they’re snapped into place – I don’t know. I just do what I’m told.

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