FO: PicoPika

25 Apr

Project Page: PicoPika
Pattern: Mini Pikachu by Josephine Ruff-Sloan
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in Semolina, plus a few other scraps

YOU GUISE I MADE A TINY CHU IT IS TEH ADORBZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem. As long-time readers are aware, I love Pikachu. Love, love, love. But a lot of the patterns I’ve seen for amigurumi Pikachu are just not that cute. So when I saw this adorable little pattern, I knew I had to make it. And yes, I did buy an entire skein of yellow yarn for the purpose of using just a few yards to make a tiny, tiny ‘chu.

The pattern is quite easy (and free!), although knitting something so small and with so few stitches is fiddly as all hell. Totally worth it, though! I also fiddled with the tail a bit and knit it in a sort of bastardized linen/seed stitch to make it stiffer so it would stand up better (though I ended up tacking it to the back of the head anyway). I do wish my decreases were neater – for some reason I only have this problem of giant gaping decreases when I knit amigurumi, but never with anything else. Sigh. Something to keep working on.

For a while this little ‘chu was hanging above my desk (my students loved it!) but I don’t have a desk at this new school, so now it is hanging from the mirror of my car. Dad says the car isn’t really mine but I’m pretty sure the Pikachu means it is.

What do you do with your amigurumi? Play with them, decorate with them, give them away? Let me know!

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