FO: Poolar Vortex

02 May

Project Page: Poolar Vortex
Pattern: Polar Vortex by Valerie Wagoner
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll in Tidepool Heather
Made for: Mitu’s Birthday

I am in love with the lace pattern on these socks (which I did not get a good photo of) and the color of this yarn (which I also did not get a good photo of). So, generally, epic fail on my part. Actually followed the pattern fairly well for this part, other than doing the heel flap over an odd number of stitches rather than decreasing one, and stopping the arch shaping once I started knitting in the round again.

Still having a lot of trouble getting even tension between going from knit to purl vs. purl to knit – the first purl stitch after I knit is always ginormous, which leads to the knit stitch (or yarn-over, in some cases) being ginormous. Which makes complicated patterns such as this come out wonky and uneven. I did my best to correct for it but I think it’s still noticeable.

Nothing much else to share on this one. What have you been knitting of late?

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