In Which Myriad Decides to Ignore Her Perfectionism

14 Jul

Dear Internet,

I am, ostensibly, on vacation. I have had internet and technology problems up the wazoo. I have hauled boxes and crates and bags and sorted shit and sold shit and hauled more shit and inhaled more dust than I would have thought humanly possible.

Actual footage of Myriad, taken sometime between Wednesday and today.

I have not done a lot of reading, or writing, or knitting, or writing up of the books I have not been reading. And I will be without internet for the next week or so. Any internet I may happen to acquire will be devoted to trying to keep up-to-date with the scheduling kerfuffle at work (did I mention I have work? Like real, I-will-be-in-charge-of-teaching-teenagers-in-a-classroom-of-my-own work? GO ME!).

So I am ignoring the fact that the Hugo Project is woefully delayed yet again. I am not going to post anything for THP until the vacation (and the move – did I mention I’m moving?) is done. So on the 29th we will talk about Downbelow Station and perhaps even have a super-special C J Cherryh week.

Until then, I am going to the lake and actually relaxing for a few days. I hope.

Actual footage of Myriad to be taken soon…we hope.

‘Chu out!

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