The Move

23 Aug

So, I’ve been a quiet blogger of late. I will probably continue to be a quiet blogger, because this whole ‘being an adult’ thing takes up a LOT of time. Since my last post I’ve gallivanted about NY and PA, moved to a new city, completed 80 hours of engineering training, and floundered through the beginnings of back-to-school PD and prep.

…I’ve been busy, is what I’m saying. And with school starting in ten days (AHHHHHHH!!!!!) and this being my first year teaching and me having three preps…yeah. Things will probably continue to be slow.

But! Mitu and I have successfully moved in to our new apartment and even mostly unpacked (it has been a month…). Some of the highlights of the move:

Hiding 1Mitu’s kitty, Nika, was not a fan of the whole ‘drive for hours and then be surrounded by boxes and loud noises’ thing. She spent most of the first day hiding under the bathroom sink.

Hiding 2By day 2 she’d migrated to the bathroom closet instead of under the sink. Baby steps, little cat, baby steps…

Make it WorkOf course, you can never find what you need while you’re mid-move. So you end up attacking the couch with a butcher’s knife.

Classy….and then you drop a bookcase on your foot and have no ice pack and the only thing in the freezer is gummy bears so you make do. (Incidentally this was how the internet guy found me when he came to set up our modem/router.)

InterloperOf course, just because you can’t find useful things like scissors and ice packs doesn’t mean your roommate won’t find a glow-in-the-dark skele!flamingo and hide it in your bed when you go visit your parents overnight. (Hiding strange things in my bed while I’m gone seems to be a theme…)

1958Also, the contact paper in my dresser is 56 years old. In case anyone was wondering.

All in all, we’re pretty happy with the apartment, and even Nika has gotten used to things.

ComfyI guess it’s hard to be sad when your new roommate makes such a good pillow.

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