In Which Myriad Trips and Falls into the Future

24 Mar

In the past 30 hours, I have read an entire novel on my phone.

I came home from work yesterday incapable of rational thought but fully convinced of three things:

  1. I needed soybeans
  2. I did not want to be alone with my thoughts
  3. I needed to re-read Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold

I managed soybeans readily enough (I may have eaten half a pound of them. Maybe a little more. It was a weird craving) but my copy of the omnibus of the Cordelia books is in Madison. You would think that between Netflix and Hulu and an internet of fanfic and a bookshelf of unread novels (including another Vorkosigan omnibus) that finding something to keep my brain occupied (see item 2) would be easy.

But no.

It would be Cordelia or it would be nothing.

And then

Oh, dear readers, and then. Then I discovered that there is a Kindle app for phones with the Android OS. (free, of course, since they want you to get it and then buy books)

I downloaded the ‘preview’ version of Shards of Honor and tore through it. And succumbed to the inevitable and bought the full version. Which I finished after work today. Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy the experience of reading a freaking novel on my tiny (compared to a book) gigantor (compared to other phones) phone screen. I’ve resisted e-readers for years.

Part of this is certainly a testament to Bujold’s writing. But it was so easy. Much nicer than reading on a computer screen (which I actually kind of hate).

And just – how amazing is it? I wanted this one particular story, of all the many stories that our species has created. And I had it. Instantly. Obviously there were some advantages – this story is popular enough to be in a form available for instant access; I speak/read a common language which is also the language in which the story was originally written; I had both the technological and financial means at my disposal.

But still. The fact that the technology exists and is relatively accessible…

Some days, I love living in the future.

I realize this blog has been almost nonexistent of late…and will no doubt continue to be so. My first year of teaching is still kicking my butt, but I’m going to try to put longer posts here instead of on tumblr so I can at least pretend I still have a blog. Now, off to plan tomorrow’s Calculus lesson…

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