14 Aug

Project Page: Impressionable
Pattern: Impressionist Socks by Closca de nou
Yarn: Regia Mosaik Colour
Made for: Savitri

After my first attempt didn’t work out in Savitri’s size, I tried again in a yarn I knew was sure to work. As per usual, my attempts at phtographing can’t capture the real colors of the yarn. The perennial lament! The pattern and the yarn do work together wonderfully, though.

I added another lace repeat to the top of the foot to size them up for Savitri’s feet, and knit them a little longer as well. I also only did two pattern repeats after the heel rather than four since I don’t like tall anklets.

This makes the third time I’ve come back to this pattern; it’s good for using up larger-than-usual amounts of sock yarn remnants, and it plays well with even the most stubborn of variegated yarns once you fiddle with the sizing. The pattern is easy to memorize and the end result is always pretty! Definitely a go-to pattern for quick knits and difficult yarns/

What are your go-to patterns for common knitting woes?

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