FO: College Camden

29 Aug

Project Page: College Camden
Pattern: Camden by Ashley Adams Moncrief
Yarn: Knit Picks Andean Treasure in Ember Heather
Made for: me

I HAVE FINISHED A SWEATER. And it only took 2.25 years!

…this was one of the many UFOs that have been taking up space in our apartment. Fortunately, it is a UFO no longer!

When I picked it up again in April of this year, the yoke was still not fitting me well, despite having been re-knit at least once. (That’s the problem with letting projects lie untouched for 18 months; you don’t remember what you actually did on them.) So I measured and re-calculated how to make the decreases fit my shoulders and frogged and re-knit and here we are.

Basically I had to decrease a lot quicker than the pattern was written in order to get the waist of the sweater to fall in the right place, and also to fit my shoulders. In retrospect I might have been better off doing a saddle shoulder, but there is no way in hell I’m re-knitting this thing.

The yoke was the only major pattern modification I made (and don’t ask me what I did because I don’t remember, although I could probably reverse-engineer it if I had to). I did change out the bobbles in the original for a cable pattern of my own devising, as many others have done, and I decided not to knit the sleeves since the yarn is a bit itchy without something beneath it. Also there’s no way I could have had the sleeves comfortably buttoned to the sweater itself, whose cap sleeves are more like non-sleeves thanks to the accelerated decreases and my shoulder shape.

It’s certainly not the best sweater ever, but not bad for my first go. I have a tendency to look at it and only see the flaws, but I wear it anyway because I MADE A SWEATER.

I also have a ton of the yarn left over – I used less than half of what I had bought for this project (clearly my yarn estimation skills leave something to be desired). Any ideas on what I should do with the rest?

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