FO: Toddler Tubies

11 Sep

Project Page: Toddler Tubies
Pattern: N/A
Yarn: Loops & Threads Woolike in Mauve
Made for: Joy House

Last year, each middle/high school teacher at my school (as well as some admins) had an Advisory, a group of students of the same grade and gender (at least according to school records) with whom we met for 20 minutes a day. There was a lot of…well, to be honest, it was a poorly-designed program and mostly nonsense, and it’s been completely re-worked this year to be more focused on academics and ACT prep/college application support. But one thing we did that was kind of cool was our service projects.

Since my students proved incapable of choosing a service project on their own, I cheerfully decided that we were going to knit for a local women & children’s shelter. If I had to do all the work for this darn thing, I figured I might as well make it something I enjoyed, right? Right.

The results were mixed. Some girls already knew how to knit; some struggled through a single hat or scarf; some didn’t participate at all. (This was not due to poor classroom management on my part, but rather due to other teachers constantly hauling them out of Advisory. Harumph.) But the ones I taught seemed to enjoy it, and hey, I got to spend 20 minutes a day knitting.

The shelter said they most needed toddler socks, which was a bit out of the skill range of my girls, but I managed to produce two pairs of ribbed tube socks (for growing feet!) over the course of the project. Both pairs were improvised at various stitch counts and various kinds of ribbing.

Not much to say about the socks themselves; they were fairly mindless knitting. I’m not a huge fan of the yarn, but I wanted acrylic for easy care.

I’m almost sad not to have an Advisory group (and the excuse of another knitting project) this year. Almost. Mostly it was more trouble than it was worth. This year I’m moving from class to class doing ACT science prep (mostly graph-reading skills) during Advisory time, which has been renamed Engage time. I won’t get my 20 minutes of knitting detox in the middle of each day… I guess I’ll have to sneak it in where I can.


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