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The Move

So, I’ve been a quiet blogger of late. I will probably continue to be a quiet blogger, because this whole ‘being an adult’ thing takes up a LOT of time. Since my last post I’ve gallivanted about NY and PA, moved to a new city, completed 80 hours of engineering training, and floundered through the beginnings of back-to-school PD and prep.

…I’ve been busy, is what I’m saying. And with school starting in ten days (AHHHHHHH!!!!!) and this being my first year teaching and me having three preps…yeah. Things will probably continue to be slow.

But! Mitu and I have successfully moved in to our new apartment and even mostly unpacked (it has been a month…). Some of the highlights of the move:

Hiding 1Mitu’s kitty, Nika, was not a fan of the whole ‘drive for hours and then be surrounded by boxes and loud noises’ thing. She spent most of the first day hiding under the bathroom sink.

Hiding 2By day 2 she’d migrated to the bathroom closet instead of under the sink. Baby steps, little cat, baby steps…

Make it WorkOf course, you can never find what you need while you’re mid-move. So you end up attacking the couch with a butcher’s knife.

Classy….and then you drop a bookcase on your foot and have no ice pack and the only thing in the freezer is gummy bears so you make do. (Incidentally this was how the internet guy found me when he came to set up our modem/router.)

InterloperOf course, just because you can’t find useful things like scissors and ice packs doesn’t mean your roommate won’t find a glow-in-the-dark skele!flamingo and hide it in your bed when you go visit your parents overnight. (Hiding strange things in my bed while I’m gone seems to be a theme…)

1958Also, the contact paper in my dresser is 56 years old. In case anyone was wondering.

All in all, we’re pretty happy with the apartment, and even Nika has gotten used to things.

ComfyI guess it’s hard to be sad when your new roommate makes such a good pillow.

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This is the 300th post of STK! Woohoo!!! In celebration, I have created a short photo essay to take you the behind-the-scenes at Star Ten Thousand Studios, AKA Myriad’s Bed. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak at all the hard work that goes in to the making of a blog!

A Day in the Life of a Blogger

All right, time to write a post! Let’s fire up that internet, load the WP editor, and…

There's a cat in the way.

…there’s a cat in the way. Rosie, could you just – no? – are you sure? – all right, just let me wiggle my hand under here – there we go.

*type type type type type*

Sharing secrets

Hey, are you going to yell at old white dudes in this one?

Of course I am.

I loves mah baby

Oh man, can you believe what they made Sting wear in Dune?

I loves her so...

Are you sure I should recommend this yarn? The colors are amazing but the pooling is just awful.

It tasted fine to me. But I like the slippery stuff better; it doesn’t stick to my claws.

...except when she sticks her butt in my face.

I swear to Bast, if you rewrite that paragraph one more time, I am sticking my butt in your face and leaving. All this indecision is getting in the way of human-kitty nap time.


Oh good, the dudebros have found us. #JudgingYou

Your intrepid blogging team

Oh gods another entry posted what if the internet hates it and comes to kill me in my sleep?

Shut up and pretend like you enjoy this. Nobody reads it, anyway.

As you can see, we are a well-oiled machine of impressive efficiency. And cat hair. Lots and lots of cat hair.

Here’s to the next 300 posts!

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Now Give Me My Flowers

AKA Month in Review: April 2013

As you might guess, it rained rather a lot here in April, which put a bit of a damper on things (BOOM double entendre take that Shakespeare). Still, there were many exciting doings here at STK! So we’ll start out with a fantastic announcement: WE GOT DEMO!!!

Okay, so it’s not the most exciting graphic in the world. It’s still an incredible honor, and a testament to how much hard work the kids and the staff (including yours truly) have put in to making the program successful and getting our kids prepared for college. Which is all kinds of awesome.

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THP Supplemental: Schrödinger’s Reading Glasses


Given the nature of the next few books on deck for the Hugo Project, now seemed an appropriate time to discuss Defensive Reading, otherwise known as How Myriad Manages to Finish These Things Without Throwing Them across the Room or Setting Them on Fire.


The thing about speculative fiction is that it’s…speculative. Which means, if it’s any good, that it deals with unusual ideas. What if, instead of X being true, !X were true? What if X continues to be true – wouldn’t it evolve into Y? Have you ever really looked at the implications of X? If you look at it this way, X is actually Z which could lead to Q!

Good speculative fiction stretches your brain, forcing you to question assumptions you didn’t even know you were making and look at the world through a completely different lens. This is a good thing. It can be a profoundly liberating thing. It can also be a profoundly uncomfortable thing.

Or a profoundly infuriating thing, if you disagree with 95% of what the author appears to be saying.

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I Can Control It…

Ever since I pledged to try to read more, I’ve quite happily relapsed into my book-addict ways. Honestly, I don’t think I’m actually reading for an hour each day, but it definitely averages out to at least that. And really, who wants to be on the book sobriety wagon? Not me.

The thing is, I keep seeing new books I want to read, series I want to start, or re-start, or finish, or…

So I’ve got a system, of sorts. I classify books as one of three things – a Hugo, another adult book, or young adult (romance novels also get thrown in here; this is my fluff/easy-reading category). Then I rotate through them, so every third book I read is one for the Hugo Project, every third book is an adult book, every third book is a fluff book. With the adult/fluff books, if I’m going through a series, I try to finish a series before I start adding in other books.


And then I discovered that Goodreads offers giveaways of ARCs and other free copies of books…which naturally has doubled the number of books in my ‘to-read’ list. Still…free books! So many free books!

Just look what arrived in the mail today…

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Things My Cat Owes Me

  • two blue pens
  • size E crochet hook
  • Catwoman Lego minifigure
  • the snake ring I’ve been wearing for the past five years


I’m sure I’m not the only one living with a cat burglar. What have your furry fiends friends been purr-loining of late? Whatever it is, I’m sure we can all take refuge in the fact that it hasn’t gotten this bad:


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And on the 8th Day, the Gods Created Spare Bedrooms

…otherwise known as “Myriad’s Adventures in Blocking Lace,” but when have you ever known me to miss a chance to conflate religions and possibly blaspheme all at the same time? Exactly.

Hear ye, hear ye! Here continueth Ye Holy-Daye Craftes…of Ye Previous Year!

After the rousing success that was The Blocking of the Nuts*, I decided I could no longer indulge my fears. It really was time and past that I blocked the lace scarves I knit for my mother and grandmother for the holidays. Of, you know, last year.

…Let us take a moment to acknowledge my impressive degree of fail.

Moment done? Good. Anyway, with Mom and Dad off gadding about the great state of Pennsylvania, I was free to use the queen-sized beds to open up the lace. First I gave each scarf a good soak in tepid water…

…with proper supervision from the feline authority. For someone who dislikes water so much, Rosie is very keen to know everything that goes on in the bathtub.

After the ritual “dancing atop the towel-wrapped knitting to remove excess water”, Rosie and I took the scarves and a billion pins to the bedroom. We made quite a team: Rosie would select a pin from the pile, try to eat it, and drop it. I would then steal the pin and secure part of the scarf. By this time, Rosie would have procured another pin. The scarves were blocked in no time!

Well, okay, each took about 24 hours to fully dry, and then I had to weave in all the ends. But now I have pretty pictures of pretty scarves!

First up, True Blue Tiger, which is for Mom:

And the lovely Leda, for Grandma, which Rosie was so helpful in completing:

More pictures of each are on the project pages. Both of these yarns are hell and a half to photograph; I don’t think I really got the colors right, even after some tinkering. Of course rainy days aren’t great for photography, but it’s been at least 72 hours since we saw the sun here, so I went ahead and did the photoshoot anyway.

What pretty things have you all (Hi, FBI!)** been making? What insanity has occurred along the way? Pretty projects and puckish pets are always welcome at STK!


*Not to be confused with the Blocking of the Cock. We do try to keep things PG-13 around here.

** For those of you who missed it, C.D. has rightly inferred that my knitting posts have prompted the entire Bureau to take up stranded knitting. There might be a rise in domestic crime, but there will also be a rise in fantastic colorwork sweaters. I think it’s a fair trade.

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Sometimes I Sit on Other People’s Pets

Okay, in truth, the pets end up sitting on me. Because of course my feet are the most comfortable place to take a nap. Onward to cute furry things!

Disclaimer: These are not my pets. I just watch them from time to time and give them many pettings.

Corrie, whose grasp of the concept “sitting still for photos” is nebulous at best.

Raven, my sweet little boy-cat, who is most insistent that I let the dog out a night (because he wants out, too).

Wolfie, who is grumpy and doesn’t like much of anybody. But she lets me pet her anyway.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to turn my attention back to my cat, who is making designs on my lemon sorbet. She loves her some sorbet. (Also popcorn and lima beans. Because those, and lemons, are totally at the top of the list of Cat’s Natural Prey.)


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It’s the 200th post of STK! And there was much rejoicing.

…yeah, I’ve got nothing. However, someone has recently discovered that Knit Picks boxes are exactly her size, and thoughtfully provided us with some celebratory adorbz. So, without further ado: Happy Caturday!

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Engage Kitty Stealth Mode!

…Or not.

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