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The Hugo Project: 1983 – Foundation’s Edge

Previously on the Hugo ProjectGrime

I’ve decided I’m just crazy enough to try to read every book that’s ever won the Hugo Award for Best Novel…and, of course, that I want to share this insane experience with all of you. In spite of the Teaching Year from Hell, I am slowly making progress, and we return to Isaac Asimov’s Foundation universe for the 30th official edition of The Hugo Project!

76683Foundation’s Edge

Isaac Asimov
published in 1982


The war between the First and Second Foundations is over, but both sides suspect that there are still other forces at work in the galaxy. The First Foundation searches for the Second, the Second Foundation searches for a mysterious third party, and both find their search drawing them towards the mythical planet Gaia…


Warning! Mild spoilers ahead!

Oh, good, more of this nonsense.

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Once More unto the Breach

You may have noticed it’s been rather quiet here at STK for the past year. And then suddenly…posts again!

This past year was my first year teaching. I had three courses (Calculus, Physics, and a PLTW Engineering course) and five sections, plus the 7th Grade study hall from hell. Did I mention that I was basically inventing my own Physics curriculum (with no lab equipment), and working with extremely questionable Calc and Engineering curricula?

Basically I was lucky if I had enough energy to drive myself home at the end of the day.

So that’s why things have been quiet. Between preparing for, somehow surviving, and then recovering from all of that, I didn’t exactly have a lot of energy to put towards blogging. I have still been active on Tumblr, but 98% of that is reblogs.

I officially (discounting two weeks of training and the meetings I’ve already had) go back to work tomorrow, although school doesn’t start for another three weeks. This year I will be teaching four courses (Precalc, Physics, and two different Engineering courses) and six sections, but minus the study hall from hell (so help me if they try to give me a supervision during my lone prep hour…). For those of you keeping score, that’s an increase of one course and one section from last year – plus two of the courses are brand-new to me. Most of my sections will be bigger, too.

So yes, this year is looking to be even more discombobulating than last year. BUT because I finally found a little bit of energy here at the beginning of August, I am going to try to keep STK updating a bit this year. I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it up, but I have posts queued for the rest of the month and material through September.

Don’t expect to see a lot about my work here; I’ve decided that (aside from some ranting on tumblr) it’s best to keep my professional and fan life separate, to the degree possible. This is not a Teacher Blog and I don’t intend to make it one. That being said, there will be the occasional mention of teacherly things since that is approximately 95% of what I think about during the school year. (Which is part of the impetus behind blogging again; trying to keep myself sane by switching mental gears every now and again. And demonstrating to myself that I am more than the person struggling to find ways to keep her students occupied each day.)


Alternating Mondays: The Hugo Project. Yes, it lives! #29 went up last week, and we’ll have some supplemental stuff on the 17th and 31st. In September we get to Asimov’s Foundation-verse, and boy howdy do I have some thoughts on that…

Fridays: FO Fridays, as long as I have something to post. I have a backlog of finished objects from the past year as I’ve been trying to decrease my number of WIPs. Also, if I ever get around to actually framing them, cross stitch from the past couple of years.

At random times: Possibly some other stuff. I’d love to say that I’m going to get around to publishing patterns or finally hanging the art in my room or whatever, but let’s be honest: I have no idea when or if I’ll get around to anything else.

So…if you like pretty knitted things and me yelling and (primarily) white male authors from the 20th century…stay tuned!

And keep me in your thoughts as I attempt to survive the coming year…

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The Move

So, I’ve been a quiet blogger of late. I will probably continue to be a quiet blogger, because this whole ‘being an adult’ thing takes up a LOT of time. Since my last post I’ve gallivanted about NY and PA, moved to a new city, completed 80 hours of engineering training, and floundered through the beginnings of back-to-school PD and prep.

…I’ve been busy, is what I’m saying. And with school starting in ten days (AHHHHHHH!!!!!) and this being my first year teaching and me having three preps…yeah. Things will probably continue to be slow.

But! Mitu and I have successfully moved in to our new apartment and even mostly unpacked (it has been a month…). Some of the highlights of the move:

Hiding 1Mitu’s kitty, Nika, was not a fan of the whole ‘drive for hours and then be surrounded by boxes and loud noises’ thing. She spent most of the first day hiding under the bathroom sink.

Hiding 2By day 2 she’d migrated to the bathroom closet instead of under the sink. Baby steps, little cat, baby steps…

Make it WorkOf course, you can never find what you need while you’re mid-move. So you end up attacking the couch with a butcher’s knife.

Classy….and then you drop a bookcase on your foot and have no ice pack and the only thing in the freezer is gummy bears so you make do. (Incidentally this was how the internet guy found me when he came to set up our modem/router.)

InterloperOf course, just because you can’t find useful things like scissors and ice packs doesn’t mean your roommate won’t find a glow-in-the-dark skele!flamingo and hide it in your bed when you go visit your parents overnight. (Hiding strange things in my bed while I’m gone seems to be a theme…)

1958Also, the contact paper in my dresser is 56 years old. In case anyone was wondering.

All in all, we’re pretty happy with the apartment, and even Nika has gotten used to things.

ComfyI guess it’s hard to be sad when your new roommate makes such a good pillow.

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In Which Myriad Decides to Ignore Her Perfectionism

Dear Internet,

I am, ostensibly, on vacation. I have had internet and technology problems up the wazoo. I have hauled boxes and crates and bags and sorted shit and sold shit and hauled more shit and inhaled more dust than I would have thought humanly possible.

Actual footage of Myriad, taken sometime between Wednesday and today.

I have not done a lot of reading, or writing, or knitting, or writing up of the books I have not been reading. And I will be without internet for the next week or so. Any internet I may happen to acquire will be devoted to trying to keep up-to-date with the scheduling kerfuffle at work (did I mention I have work? Like real, I-will-be-in-charge-of-teaching-teenagers-in-a-classroom-of-my-own work? GO ME!).

So I am ignoring the fact that the Hugo Project is woefully delayed yet again. I am not going to post anything for THP until the vacation (and the move – did I mention I’m moving?) is done. So on the 29th we will talk about Downbelow Station and perhaps even have a super-special C J Cherryh week.

Until then, I am going to the lake and actually relaxing for a few days. I hope.

Actual footage of Myriad to be taken soon…we hope.

‘Chu out!

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Self promotion: threat or menace?

No THP today – student teaching is eating into my reading time, so thoughts on The Dispossessed will be up next week. In the meantime, here’s a short but thought-provoking read about the lack of recognition for non-white!male authors in SF&F, specifically the Hugos.

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Status Update

Remember me? I used to blog here. Then the semester from hell got me and I went radio-silent for three months. Good times.

I am, however, resolved to do a little better at this blogging thing this semester…when I will be student teaching full time. Ahhhhh! But at least the chaos will be contained to only a few places, as opposed to the four separate educational institutions I was running between this fall.

So, what have I been up to the past three months? Let’s think…

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Month in Review: May 2013

Now that we’re halfway into June, I thought it might be nice to finally do May’s month-in-review post…


After all of the excitement of April, May was actually rather calm, or at least as calm as things ever are around STK. So, basically, I was still super-busy but it was mostly routine-ish stuff. Like final projects o’ doom. Anybody need a unit plan on Newton’s law of universal gravitation? Or ideas on how to adapt your lesson plans for autistic students*? Because I’m now an expert totally not an expert in such things, but at least I know slightly more than the average bear.

Oh yeah, and I got straight As this semester. BOOM. (We will not discuss grade inflation at the graduate level, kthxbai.)

Of course, the real fun was to be had on my one weekend off from classes:

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WisCon Ho!

You may choose to interpret the title as an amusing paraphrase of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, or you may chose to interpret it as a reference to the fact that I get all tingly thinking about a long weekend devoted to science fiction and social justice. Either option is equally valid.

Anyway, WisCon starts tomorrow! Technically, there was a reading at A Room of One’s Own tonight, but I’m feeling emo and sedentary so I didn’t go. The Opening Ceremonies aren’t until tomorrow, anyway (and I’m totally ducking out of work early to go knit at the Gathering and put in a volunteer shift).

Even more exciting…SAVITRI IS COMING TOO!! Probably not tomorrow, but she and I will geek together Saturday and Sunday. A lot. A helpful infographic, for those who don’t understand the amazingness that is WisCon:


Will I be conscious by the time Monday evening rolls around? Who cares!? I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my reward for surviving my first semester of grad school…even though I think I will have to duck in and out to do some directing at Ye Olde Theatrical Bedlam. Oh well. I am hiding from the world (read: school, work, other work, work-I-don’t-get-paid-for, family, housework) as much as humanly possible this weekend and it will be GLORIOUS.

Haven’t decided which panels I’m going to yet (and, let’s be honest, I’ll probably be making most of those decisions spur-of-the-moment) but I will be at the Gathering, the Opening Ceremonies, the Tiptree Auction, and the Genderfloomp! party. If you will be there too, let me know and we’ll arrange some super-secret signal to find each other.

Also, the awesome Space Girl/Space Babe fan video, set to the equally awesome “Space Girl” by The Imagined Village:

Things will no doubt be rather silent around here for the next little bit as I a) enjoy WisCon, b) recover from WisCon, and c) start dealing with Real Life again, but I’ll try to keep the posts coming. The Hugo Project will continue. The crafting will continue. And since I will be without C.D. aka the Feminist Batwoman this year (waahhhhhh!), I suppose I’ll actually have to do a proper con report…


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Now Give Me My Flowers

AKA Month in Review: April 2013

As you might guess, it rained rather a lot here in April, which put a bit of a damper on things (BOOM double entendre take that Shakespeare). Still, there were many exciting doings here at STK! So we’ll start out with a fantastic announcement: WE GOT DEMO!!!

Okay, so it’s not the most exciting graphic in the world. It’s still an incredible honor, and a testament to how much hard work the kids and the staff (including yours truly) have put in to making the program successful and getting our kids prepared for college. Which is all kinds of awesome.

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Double the Chaos, Double the Fun

Blessed Beltane!

It wouldn’t be an STK Beltane without him!

Exactly one year and one hundred posts since we were last at this spoke of the wheel…and STK turns two years old! And what a year it’s been. I didn’t fulfill last year’s wish of having a full-time job on this date, but I’m certainly working enough for a full-time job, and, more importantly, am back on track career-wise, so I think the spirit of the wish, if not the letter of it, has been fulfilled.

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