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THP Supplemental: After Downbelow

C. J. Cherryh is a prolific writer, and depending on how you count, has published anywhere from 6 to 26 other novels related to¬†Downbelow Station, including another Hugo winner. Despite my mixed reaction to Downbelow, I soldiered through four more novels for this week’s edition of The Hugo Project.


Merchanter’s Luck
Finity’s End

C. J. Cherryh
published in 1982, 1989, 1994, and 1997


Warning! Spoilers ahead!


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The Hugo Project: 1982 – Downbelow Station

Previously (lo, those many moons ago!) on the Hugo ProjectLovely ladies and wonderful worldbuilding

I’ve decided I’m just crazy enough to try to read every book that’s ever won the Hugo Award for Best Novel…and, of course, that I want to share this insane experience with all of you. After a 13-month haitus as I prepped for, some how survived, and then recovered from my first year teaching, THP is back in action with a visit to Pell’s World and its accompanying station. Sixty-odd posts of science fiction, speculation and social justice continue!

Downbelow Station

C. J. Cherryh
published in 1981


Orbiting one of the few habitable worlds discovered by humankind, Pell Station – better known as Downbelow – rests uneasily at the boundary between Earth Company space and Union Alliance space. As war between the two factions heats up, Pell and its in habitants, human and Hisa, find themselves caught in the crossfire.


Warning! Mild spoilers ahead!

The Hugo Project makes its triumphant return!

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