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FO: College Camden

Project Page: College Camden
Pattern: Camden by Ashley Adams Moncrief
Yarn: Knit Picks Andean Treasure in Ember Heather
Made for: me

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Attack of the UFOs!

… I have a lot of unfinished knitting and crochet projects floating about. I finally managed to get them all in one city and decided that maybe I should take stock of things and figure out just how out of hand my UFOs were. As it turns out, I have enough of them to invade a small planet, or at least the state of Wyoming.

And just how many is that, you may ask? Well… Read the rest of this entry »

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Sweaterday: Camden III

In which there is frustration.

It’s actually been a couple of weeks since I’ve worked on this beast; I didn’t finish it in April so the Nerd Wars motivation is no longer there, plus I’m annoyed with it.

It is at least at the point where it looks like a real sweater-thing, which is exciting! The problem is the original yoke did not fit at all – it was far too long and the ‘waist’ of the sweater ended up falling a good 2 inches lower than it should have.

To give you an idea of the degree of fail: the bottom pink tie should be above my waist…and those jeans sit below my hipbones. Also, taking pictures of your side is hard.

So I frogged the yoke and re-knit it, basically solving the problem. So why am I cranky now? Because I basically switched straight from decreasing every 3rd round to decreasing every round, so I have these weird corners poking out over each of my collarbones. I can’t decide whether I should try to block it out or re-knit the damned thing again. Re-knitting is probably the better option, but I really don’t want to frog all that work again…so it’s in time-out for the moment. Plus I have birthday socks and charity tortoises to work on.

…give me another week and maybe I’ll tackle it again. I really do want to get this finished so I can wear it and amaze people with THE SWEATER I MADE FOR MYSELF!!

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Sweaterday: Camden II

Yes, it’s a crappy photo. BUT it is a crappy photo of the front and back of my sweater! (the arcs coming off the top of them are the ribbing for the cap sleeves). I joined them today and am several rows into the yoke. My sentiments about this can best be described as: AAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very excited, very excited indeed.

In other news, I have a terrible cold and feel like blargh. Fortunately colds, unlike the flu, don’t impede knitting too much so this sweater may actually get done before the next scheduled apocalypse/rapture (we seem to have them yearly now?).

Back to knitting and making terribly attractive snerklllllllllhonk noises.

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Month in Review: February 2013

FEBRUARY IS OVER. And there was much rejoicing.

For such a short month, Feb. sure does know how to pile on the busy. I’m going to start out with the busy-making/stressful/crummy stuff and move on to the good stuff 😀

  • Two weekends of performance for the play I was directing, followed by an intense authoritarian takeover of the communal office. THERE WILL BE ORDER BECAUSE I DEMAND IT. Even if all the re-arranging threw out my back for a good week.
  • Then there was that other week I spent in bed with a fever. Good times.
  • Classes continue, now with weekly papers and midterms approaching.
  • Practicum also continues; I take over class from the substitute, with mixed results.
  • Work also continues, with tensions rising as we get closer and closer to achieving demonstration status. Oh, and one of my supervisors just left… Read the rest of this entry »

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Sweaterday – Camden I



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Froggety Frog Frog Frog

Sigh. The parentals have left for the evening, so I’m unwinding with alcohol and interwebs. I love my family dearly, but the four of us together tends to send my blood pressure through the roof. Anyway:

I finally gave in and frogged the Turtle(neck) Soup sweater. There were just too many things going wrong–I made the neck too long, it was cutting at the armholes, and the giant gaping stitches wherever I switched from knits to purls were just too ugly for me to live with. I wouldn’t have worn the thing anyway.

So, eventually I will restart it (I went out and bought a third skein of yarn today, same dye lot and everything). ‘Eventually’ should be read here as ‘after I have fixed my rib gap problem, after doing a test knit of the body section so I make the right size, and after my resentment with the blankety blank thing has faded.’ The color really does look fabulous on me, and I am determined to successfully knit something other than socks and scarves.

But it’s the first time I’ve had to seriously frog anything…I usually have to frog back a few rows in every project, but this one…!! I’ve actually lost track of the number of times I ripped it back, but it was at least four before I threw in the towel. I was not a happy knitter.

At least I had the Haribo frogs to console me. They are my drug of choice when I’m frustrated (it’s just so satisfying to bite off the heads!), and they are especially suited to this particular task. I highly recommend that all frogging be performed under the experienced supervision of Haribo frogs 😀

The Frog Gods have accepted the sacrifice.

I’ve also decided that the Frog Gods need a mascot, an avatar whose image we can invoke to ensure the success (and rarity) of our frogging endeavors. So I present to you……..


Feel free to use him whenever you have some frogging to do. I’m going to leave him in your tender care while I go back to my disturbingly fruity tequila-and-triple-sec cocktail and watch some TV.

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About the Name…

I’m doing it again…

I chose the name Myriad for my interweb persona for three reasons:
1) I like the way it sounds
b) I’m very attached to the letter M
) It means ‘many,’ specifically 10,000.

gamma is probably the most pertinent reason. I am very, very good at going off in ten thousand different directions and then panicking when I can’t fully devote myself to any of them (I’m also a perfectionist. Stellar combination, no?).

I’m currently running into this problem with my knitting and other creative endeavors. Since we’ve got a lazy sort of week before graduation, I’ll have plenty of time to be crafty–but not if I keep adding projects! Things I currently have on the needles/hook/sketchpad/percolating in my hyperactive brain:

Turtle(neck) Soup Sweater
Curious Alien for my professor
Kai-Mei Socks
Anatomically Correct Sock Toes (not yet started but I’ve been meaning to modify it for toe-up for ages)
Epically awesome hat of epicness (which will get its own post once completed)
Costume(s) for the Steampunk Worlds Fair
Doodles and punchlines for a potential comic strip
Finishing my NaNoWriMo novel which got seriously derailed when the end of November decided to make my life hell
And approximately five thousand and a half knitting designs, none of which I’ve started on.

Not to mention I want to teach myself to purl correctly in Continental fashion in hopes that it will fix my rib gap problem.

I find all of these projects exciting, and I love being creative, whether with words or with my hands. It makes me feel clever and capable and alive, which are all very good things. But I am in serious danger of never finishing anything because that list above is only going to get longer if I don’t restrain myself…

So. Priorities: The alien has to be finished before graduation, so that’s high on the list. Likewise, I need to get far enough along in the sweater to know if I need another ball of yarn so I can go back and get one from the same dye lot before I head home. The Kai Meis are barely started so they may wait for when I’m home. And I hereby decree to myself that I am not allowed to cast on the Anatomically Correct socks (or anything else, for that matter!) until I have finished at least two other things (one of which must be yarn-related). The epic hat is nearly done so hopefully I can finish that tomorrow. As for the other things…I guess we’ll see. After all, I wouldn’t be Myriad if I weren’t haring off in ten thousand different directions…

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