20 Apr

This is the 300th post of STK! Woohoo!!! In celebration, I have created a short photo essay to take you the behind-the-scenes at Star Ten Thousand Studios, AKA Myriad’s Bed. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak at all the hard work that goes in to the making of a blog!

A Day in the Life of a Blogger

All right, time to write a post! Let’s fire up that internet, load the WP editor, and…

There's a cat in the way.

…there’s a cat in the way. Rosie, could you just – no? – are you sure? – all right, just let me wiggle my hand under here – there we go.

*type type type type type*

Sharing secrets

Hey, are you going to yell at old white dudes in this one?

Of course I am.

I loves mah baby

Oh man, can you believe what they made Sting wear in Dune?

I loves her so...

Are you sure I should recommend this yarn? The colors are amazing but the pooling is just awful.

It tasted fine to me. But I like the slippery stuff better; it doesn’t stick to my claws.

...except when she sticks her butt in my face.

I swear to Bast, if you rewrite that paragraph one more time, I am sticking my butt in your face and leaving. All this indecision is getting in the way of human-kitty nap time.


Oh good, the dudebros have found us. #JudgingYou

Your intrepid blogging team

Oh gods another entry posted what if the internet hates it and comes to kill me in my sleep?

Shut up and pretend like you enjoy this. Nobody reads it, anyway.

As you can see, we are a well-oiled machine of impressive efficiency. And cat hair. Lots and lots of cat hair.

Here’s to the next 300 posts!

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